Ferrocare Machines Private Limited Ferrocare Machines Private Limited
Ferrocare Machines Private Limited Ferrocare Machines Private Limited Ferrocare Machines Private Limited Ferrocare Machines Private Limited
Ferrocare Machines Private Limited
Ferrocare Machines Private Limited Ferrocare Machines Private Limited Ferrocare Machines Private Limited Ferrocare Machines Private Limited
Ferrocare Machines Private Limited
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Ferrocare Machines Private Limited

Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning Machine

Electrostatic Liquid cleaning machine involves static charging of ionized suspended solid contaminants in oils and collecting them on enormously spread surface of die-electric media. The unique system like Liquid cleaning equipment complements & enhances the usable life of oil & mechanical filters. These cleaning equipment are used to improve the precision of machine components like servo valves, pumps and sliding mechanisms. We offer various models of electrostatic liquid cleaning equipments to suit different requirements of the customers.

KLEENTEK FERROCARE ELC uses the principle of "Electrostatics" to separate and collect fluid contaminants. "Electrostatic" force applies to all particles and they migrate to 'positive' or 'negative' electrodes. Maximum collection occurs at the pleated edges of 'collectors', where the intensity of the deformed electric field is strongest. In the ELC this force is created by a special transformer which charges two sets of SS electrodes, one 'positive1, one 'negative'. As the fluid flows freely through the system, the ELC removes suspended impurities, down to sub-micron levels. Sludge and varnish are also removed, which are not 'seen' as particles by filters. Theoretically, even particles below 0.01 u can be removed.

Electrostatic forces remove all types of particles such as metal wear, paper, wood, plastic and rubber. Just like a comb rubbed on dry hair will pick them up.

Product Details :
Maximum Temperature60 Degree C
ApplicationSteel , Power, Rubber, Cement, Automotive, Heavy Engg, Shipping, Defence, Aerospace Insuatry
Automation GradeAutomatic
Power SourceElectrical

Electronic Liquid Cleaning Equipment

Operating conditions
  • Mineral base oils, except IC engine oil
  • Maximum moisture content 500 ppm
  • Maximum temperature: 60°C
  • Special specification available for synthetic oils
  • Standard power source: 4l5v 30 50Hz

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Low Vacuum Dehydrator & Degassifier

The Ferrocare's low vacuum dehydration unit is a comprehensive process to remove water and gases from oil at temperature lower than 53° C, which reduces oxidation during the dehydration process. The LVDH-50 is a quick, inexpensive and automatic system that overcomes centrifuging’s major drawbacks and especially that of oxidation and emulsified water retention. Some of its technical features are:


  • Totally automatic operation
  • Reduces water content in a single pass by 0.25% - 1.5% depending on inlet oil temperature
  • Ultimate water removal through oil recirculation - to zero-free water content or to 50 % below saturation level
  • Removal of soluble gases and air - to 50% of saturation level

Capacity Condenser Vaporizer Vacuum Pump Weight Electrical
10-15 LPM refrigerated type condenser 50 It. 100 LPM 250 kg 7 Kwh @ 415 volts 3Ph, 50 Hz

Note:- Larger Capacity vacuum dehydrators are available on request.


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Fluid Conditioning Skid for EHC Fire Resistant Fluids

Our Fluid Conditioning Skid for EHC Fire Resistant Fluids unit could be used for removal and maintainance of acid number to be always less than 0.09 with the ICB element technology.

We use patented acid scavenging cartridges to remove acids and soluble metal-salts. For use with
  • Phosphate Ester
  • Mineral Oils
  • Polyol Ester

Salient Features
  • Will reduce water levels in reservoir to less than 300 ppm, which will significantly reduce the rate of fluid degradation and acid production.
  • Will eliminate atmospheric ingression of metal ions. Metal ions act as catalysts in EHC fluid reservoirs that accelerate degradation and increase air entrainment.
  • Eliminates the need to continually replace breather elements.
  • TMR has no moving parts with 2 high efficiency air filters for water, particulate, and oil removal.
  • TMR systems manufactured using highly durable components.
  • Low cost with immediate payback.
Key Benefits
  • Remove & maintain Acid Number to < 0.09 with ICB element technology.
  • Eliminate Servo Valve Sticking from gels and varnish.
  • Maintain H2O below 300 ppm and reduce acid production levels.
  • Integrated TMRN2 (Nitrogen generator) removes oxygen and combustible dissolved gases.
  • Particulate & insoluble gel / sludge removal with high efficiency on-board filtration.
Applications :
  • Steam turbine HP LP bypass system & EH systems.

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Coolant Filtration System

Our range of premium quality Coolant Filtration System, are used for machining operation in varied industries like steel, automobiles, bearing, etc. These filters work on a very simple approach and hence are user friendly. They are easy to maintain. These products offer continuous filtration therefore avoiding shut down of machines for periodical cleaning.

Extraordinary Magnetic Separator
  • Uses rare earth magnets which provide upto 8 times the magnetic force of conventional ferrite magnets.
  • No consumables required. Dry cake discharge.
  • Superior contamination removal means improved surface finish, increased life of grinding wheel, reduced dressing frequency, increased life of fluid.
  • Kind to the environment, kind to the pocket.

  • Surface grinding
  • Centreless Grinding
  • Internal / External Grinding
  • Honing
  • Gear Grinding
  • Super Finishing
  • Electric Discharge Machine

Product Details :
Automation GradeAutomatic
Usagesteel, automobiles, bearing
Power sourceElectric
ApplicationGrinding, Honing, Shaving

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Gear Box lube oil Filtration System

We offer our customer these Hydraulic Gear Box Oil Filtration System which are very beneficial for removing the contamination from gear boxes. With its facilities to get attached directly to the gearbox it helps to remove carbon deposits more efficiently.


Product Details :

Size10 LPM - 40 LPM
ApplicationFilteration of Gear Oils
IndustrySteel, Power ,Cement, Heavy Engg, Automotive, Ports, & Shipping Industry


  • Industry : Steel, Power ,Cement, Heavy Engg, Automotive, Ports, & Shipping Industry
  • Brand : Ferrocare
  • Size : 10 LPM - 40 LPM

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